Lets Talk Accessories

  1. I've really been a LV bag person (I don't really count the pochette as an accessory since I carry it as a bag in itself).....and I only have the groom bandeau & a couple cles. I'm thinking about possibly expanding and purchasing accessories (i.e. like inclusion, pastilles, more bandeaus, etc.).
    So what accessories do you guys like buying and why? And when you buy an accessory do you find other uses for it besides it's intended purpose?
  2. Hmmm...well, I'm *trying* to build up a cles collection (not going so well since I keep finding things I like and want, LOL). I think they're so cute and functional, and I'd rather collect these than purses. Also, there's a lot of the LE cles I actually like over the handbags! But I'd mainly use these for holding money/cards/cute key chain.
  3. I have a ton of accessories, mostly the Pastilles/Inclusion stuff and other keyrings. I love using the keyrings as bag charms, especially on my BH. And I thought I'd be using the MC Pastilles as a bag decoration but I actually love wearing it as a bracelet.
    With the Cles, I use them as bag charms also, card holders, change holders, etc. They're really versatile!
    As for the bandeaus, I love wearing them either in my hair, around my waist (threaded through my belt loops) or around my neck. I haven't tried it on my bag yet but that'll probably be next :yes:
  4. Pull up a chair..... me talking about accessories may take awhile......
    I :heart: a cles to match every line I own. I :heart: the mini pochettes, the wallets, scarves, key chains etc etc
    I try to find other uses for these items as they are expensive and I want to be able to justify the purchase.
    Cles used as bag charms, scarves used in my hair and tied to bags.
    Mini pochettes used as evening bags, cell phone holders, makeup cases.
    Key chains used as charms and to hold keys, of course.
    Larger pretty wallets used as clutches.
    I'll stop now....:shame:
  5. so far i only have the Inclusion bracelets, rings and keychains, and little cases like the Wapity, Pochette Cancun and Pochette Tulum

    i use the Inclusion keychains as charms and hang them off my bags. i use the Wapity, Pochette Cancun and Pochette Tulum to hold my cell phone, camera or makeup, or as evening bags when i go out to clubs and such
  6. I love LV's fancy jewelry...if you count it as accessories. I love all the inclusion pieces and the bubbles jewelry pieces are cute too.
    The Monogram shawl is also very pretty, definitely a future purchase, in pink and black.
    Cles are practical and pretty...so definitely get more! And maybe one of the mini pochettes too because it'd be cute as a makeup pouch or an evening bag.
  7. i'm also not big on lv's bags... i only have a cerises speedy & vintage mono petit noe.
    i had a MC alma, but sold it because i never used it anyway, it's too classic for me :p
    but i LOVE the accesories. i have LV's wallet, agenda, cles, and carnet de bal.
  8. I like the small leather accessories which keep my LV bags organized. Little things like some of the key chains are really cute to hang on the purse besides using them for keys. I've never had a LV scarf I like the Hermes ones when it comes to this accessory which I mainly tie on the bag instead of my suits or outfits.
  9. Pull up a chair...heehee.... cles are TDF, so light, so functional, so together... I only have two vernis, but will order a mono one, when they call for my speedy... mini pochette, you don't have???!!! a MUST, it will kill you... you will love it, not inside a bag, so light and pretty and holds all you need... AGENDAS.... I have 4 all small, need I say more..... can't get enough of all that LV stuff... off the bags and onto accessories, it's a fabulous world!:heart:
  10. I love how you ladies find uses for these! I've been using the cles inside my pochettes (easier than a full wallet) and as bag charms....and the bandeau I tie around my bag. I'm not much of a jewelry person...but maybe I'll have to try one of the inclusion bracelets on during a future LV trip.
    I hear ya about the prices....they are so expensive...so finding other uses for them is a must!
  11. I'm not really a jewelry person either, but I think the bracelets are a great way to dress up an outfit if you're headed somewhere nice. Also, it's just a fun pick-me-up to see all those LVs circling your arm :biggrin:

    I love accesories now, I keep telling myself I should stop buying them but the new Valentines Line is going to be the death of me. The pastilles and the coin purse will be so cute on Mono bags.
  12. Speaking of accessories, I'm just wondering if the grooms have all sold out... just curious if anyone knows....I could call, but just thought I'd ask the pros....
  13. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: I'm with you on this one sitting in the chair right besides ya!
  14. I like the accessories, because even though my DH isn't a PHH, even he gets saturated sometimes....'another new bag'....lol.
  15. Your DH is the BEST!!!! sorry, he is... but, accessories always make the bags just that much nicer....