Let's talk about the weight of an Ali

  1. What are your thoughts on the weight of the Ali? I know I've read a few posts about them being comfortable. I'm still a little thrown off by the wider at the top strap, but I'm guessing that's designed to keep it on your shoulder.

    Assuming it's not overloaded, do you find it incredibly heavy? I know if I pack too much in my Leigh that baby weights alot and gets heavy really quickly.

    Thanks for your opinions.
  2. I have the leigh and the ali (both leather). I agree, the leigh could get really, really heavy. I'm finding the Ali doesn't seem/feel as heavy and the exact same stuff is used in both bags. I think the wider strap helps distribute the weight better. At first I didn't like the wide strapes, didn't think they would stay on your shoulder, but boy was I wrong.
  3. I have a Whiskey Ali and I do not find her too heavy. I don't overstuff her--I think if I filled her to the brim she would be too heavy. (I have a bad shoulder, so I was actually surprised at how comfy she is for me.)
  4. I don't find the leather Ali to be heavy at all. I agree I think the wider strap helps to distribute the weight more evenly. My friend tried my Ali on the other day and was impressed by the way it stayed on her shoulder.
  5. I don't carry a lot in any of my bags because I really don't like a heavy bag. The Ali could be weighty if you fill her up, the leather is heavier than, say, the Bleeker line and the hardware adds weight. It doesn't deter me any though, I love Ali. The wider strap definitely helps distribute the weight and makes the bag comfortable, it also doesn't slip off my shoulder. I think any bag that is overloaded will be heavy, not just the Ali. It is amazing, but even with the heavier leather and the size of Ali, she is really a comfortable bag to carry. It is definitely one of my favorite bags. :love:
  6. She is heavy, but you get used to it rather quickly. The strap is so comfy!! I usually carry a lot of stuff, but I actually downsize what I am carrying to make the Ali less heavy
  7. I have an Ali, and I had a Leigh, but I returned it. I carry ALOT of stuff and when I put everything in the Leigh it was so heavy I couldn't take it. However, I don't find the Ali heavy at all and i think the reason is because the strap on the ALi distributes the weight more evenly, which doesn't happen with the Leigh because the strap is thinner. I love big heavy bags too, but I just couldn't deal with the Leigh, which made me pretty sad. It just killed my shoulder!
  8. Well, I adore both of my leather Alis, but I do think they are heavy bags. I have a choc sig leigh, so I probably cant compare this to the Ali because sig is lighter than leather. I was using my whiskey Ali for a week, and switched because we were having a rainy couple of days. I decided to use my leather ergo tote and when put my stuff in from the Ali to the tote I had to recheck that I didnt leave something out - thats how much lighter it felt than my Ali! I still love Ali, but the leather and hardware make it probably my heaviest bag.
  9. It is heavier than other bags but on the shoulder I feel nothing!

    Love her, try a signature one the lighter version.
  10. I find it on the heavy side. I love the look of it but haven't carried it in a long time.
  11. I guess I am used to my whiskey Ali. I don't find it heavy. It's actually quite comfortable.
  12. My whiskey ali seems to get heavy after carrying it for a while. But every bag does that. Just don't put too much stuff in there and you should be fine. And I have to add, it's such a gorgeous bag that you won't mind the weight.:yes:
  13. I have a while Ali and I think it's really heavy after wearing on my shoulder for a prolonged period. I've really cut down on what I carry around and it's still heavy to me. But I love it!!
  14. I have a white leather ali and I don't find her to be too heavy. :nogood: I love the strap but I will say if you overload her since she is a big bag of course she can get heavy. I have taken her to the movies before with all my stuff in plus goodies, licorice, candy bars and bottled waters and she was heavy then but rightly so. :p
  15. I have to say that mine is pretty full, and while I bought this bag specifically for the weight distribution via the wider shoulder strap, if I carry her too long my shoulder aches. It might be okay if I had less stuff, but for a full day out walking around shopping I would go with something else (in my case, a wristlet!).