Let's Show How We Do LV Hacks!! Share Your Innovative Ideas and Ways to Modify LV


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Jan 14, 2020
Oh yahhh !!! Thats brilliant idea ! :heart: :heart: Didnt really think of that both as using the buckle for charm and use the lobster claw as buckle instead .. now you inspired me to do the same to my husbands old belt:biggrin::biggrin:
Please share how it goes!! I may not be game enough to modify my own LV belt if I get it, might take it to a local leather worker- though if I got the longer belt, there's more room for error/modification though :lol:

Thank you again!


Feb 17, 2022
I seriously love these little Mautto clips! I'm going to order a couple more, as I love the Coin Purse hack! And I got a Neverfull GM yesterday, I think I'm going to add one to the Pochette :biggrin:

And in case anyone was looking for small gold key rings, for the coin purse hack on the previous page as an example, I bought these on Amazon (Prime too!):

Where did you get the lips hotstamp?! So cute!!!
Sep 6, 2009
So like many other Graceful owners, I feel that the original strap is a tad too short at times, and hence I decided to improvise with my Neo Noe strap instead. I got a pair of O rings, attached it to my Graceful and then hooked the Neo Noe strap to it. If you are tall, I reckon you could even use the Neo Noe straps and use the Graceful as a crossbody!

62257F16-17CC-4B9F-BC61-083C6BA892C8.jpeg C571CA41-86A1-4362-9CD4-19625267521C.jpeg

Sunshine mama

Jun 1, 2014
I see lots of creative ideas here! I’m all about getting more value for my money, it’s especially important now that there is a constant price increase in everything! Here’s a good hack for lv toiletry bag! It instantly transforms it into a good looking and functional crossbody bag. View attachment 5324147
This is so cute!
How did you put the clasp and the thing around the pouch? Where did you get it?
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Mar 27, 2009
I finally had a little money to buy some items from Dress Up Your Purse.
I bought a replacement leather drawstring for my Noe, a crossbody strap for my vintage Boulogne, and a cute tassel to pop onto my bags.
I might cut the original strap off the Boulogne; we will see how it looks if I don’t.
I will post when I get everything in! Thanks to everyone here for the great ideas!
I might have to buy a cosmetic pouch and get that converter from that other site so I can wear it. It’s ingenious.