Let's See Those Ciao Ciaos... :o)

  1. Come on ladies, show me your Ciao Ciaos...:drool::tup: Do you love it? Are you planning to buy more? :graucho:hehe...

    Here's my Foresta and Tan Playground...:yahoo:

  2. I'm so bummed! I put a Ciao Ciao on hold today. I won't be able to get it for at least another week or so. Macy's only holds for 24 hours, but they DO allow you to call everyday and put your bag back on hold. :yahoo:
  3. [​IMG]

    i do love it!! i am hoping to get one in citta rosa soon, but i'm not sure if it's available anymore since the seller took it down :sad:
  4. [​IMG]

    lindsey did a great job of picking it out & i am super happy i was able to get through during the sale. it's my favorite purchase thus far ;)
  5. kkiimm: Our paradiso ciao ciao's are siblings!!! :smile: similar placement on the small zipper side...



    i have a foresta Ciao Ciao as well but can't find the picture at the moment...will post later!
  6. yay ^^ that's my favorite side ;) i like the placement on yours because the sushi boy & the girl with the yellow monkey are more centered.. but then i like mine because of the girl with the pink hair and the rainbow..
  7. Here's mine! I luv lamore for being so bright and happy & inferno for the little devils!! :heart:

  8. Danley's luv your Foresta!
    Kkiimm & Moofia luv your paradiso!! Sushi boy is my favorite.
  9. Booo I have a Citta Rosa Ciao Ciao... but I'm afraid to take pics since I don't know when my roomie is getting back, and I don't want her to walk in on me taking pics of my bag :p
  10. Q luvs tokidoki your inferno ciao ciao is awesome! i don't know if i'd like this style in l'amore but i like how it is on yours.. maybe i'll get a ciao if i can find it.

    Dancing Nancies aww i was thinking of buying one in CR, but it had already been sold :sweatdrop:
  11. im excited now! i have a foresta ciao ciao coming in the post with virtually the same print as yours except sandy is further towards the middle and the lady saquatch is closer to the edge. eee cant wait!

  12. Ooooh Ladies my likee likee all your Ciao Ciaos...:tup: ...I'm missing my paradiso ciao ciao now.:push:.lol.. oh well needed to be sold for the zucca..:devil:.
    OOOOoh Dancing Nancies post pics of your CR Ciao Ciao please? :happydance:..

    Sorry for all the happy faces.. I am loopy from all the meds I am taking because I fell down the stairs yesterday and hurt my leg badly, so I can't walk.. But I am happy for 2 things... That I still have my daughter's playpen so she isnt running around. And that my DH is my slave now (and he is letting me get another toki)..lol...:greengrin::lol:
  13. awww...get better!:smile::tup:

    yay for ANOTHER TOKI!:yahoo:
  14. Thanks kkiimm.. I haven't used the lamore ciao ciao,but it's so cute with all the adios and ciao ciao.
    Danley's hope you're feeling better. Way to work a toki!
  15. Aww thanks djr0658 and Q luvs tokidoki.. To be honest it hurts like hell and I am hopping about the house like if I was a 1 legged kangaroo but hopefully tomorrow it'll hurt less and the swelling will go down. I hate my stairs. I have fallen down them 4 times already but I never hurt myself as badly as I did yesterday. lol.. just to let you know I am the biggest klutz ever... lol.. but yay I get a toki.. hehe :happydance: