Let's pretend...

  1. you get to pick the next Balenciaga collection colors. What color would you love to have them make that hasn't been made before?
    I would want a true hot pink (like a Schiaparelli pink). Not as purple as magenta and not as light as bubblegum but somewhere in between. Also maybe a metallic black - I think that would look great in a first.
    What do you guys think?
  2. I would say a coral pink color! I like your idea of a metallic black...sounds great!
  3. I'd like to see a brick red. Intense like Rouge Theatre but with more orange tone rather than blue. Oh, and a blue like the jacket on my avatar.
  4. I'd want a dark red with blue undertones, somewhere between RT and rouge vif.
  5. I would like a sage green that is not too light or too dark.
  6. I'd like a super-deep-saturated red-based plum.:drool:
  7. I'd love to see a rich PEACOCK color... yum..
  8. Cobalt blue!
  9. This sounds absolutely YUMMY! :tup: I'm afraid to do red, but I like the sounds of this color!
  10. me too!:tup:

    As much as I love love steel/plomb~! I wouldn't mind another grey that is a shade lighter than steel!
  11. sounds really pretty!
  12. Olive green, Flourescent pink, orange, green, yellow, fuschia pink
  13. I was just thinking the same thing!:tup: I love reds but don't like them too bright.....brick red would be awesome and a deep rich blue like crackers' avatar's jacket!:nuts:
  14. ANY color, but go back to the regular, not giant silver/pewter hardware.
  15. ... a deeply saturated blue with purple undertones lighter and warmer than ink