Let's make a list of handbag shops shipping internationally!

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  1. Hi!

    I love buying bags online, but not all shops ship internationally (most US shops ship only domestically).

    Could you please help me put together a list of stores selling designer/high end bags that ship worldwide?

    I found these stores:

    Neiman Marcus
    Bergdorf Goodman

    Coach does ship, but as far as I understand they require payment only by a US credit card, and that makes no sense for most international shoppers.

    Also, does anyone know any ways to buy items from sites that don't ship outside the US (like Eluxury, Saks) without too much hassle?

    Your additions to this thread would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!!
  2. Hi, revolve.com also send internationally and so do Browns in London. I think that Matches might too.

    For shopping from US only stores, I have used www.internationalcheckout.com and found them to be excellent, but it isn't the cheapest thing to do especially with customs too, so do your sums first!
  3. Thanks! But is it true Diabro sold some fakes?
  4. I think HH do.
  5. Who's HH?
  6. sorry - I thought someone would ask that as soon as I posted it!!! hayden -harnett. At least it seemed to give lots of options for international shipping etc when i went through checkout for UK.
  7. Not sure where you live, but I live in Canada and I know these sites all ship.

    Active Endeavors
    Testimo Boutique
    Jessie's Boutique
    About Attitude
    Luna Boston
    Pink Mascara
  8. Saks will ship to Canada but you have to call the actual store, you can't order online.
  9. Some of the shops, like Diabro and Styedrops have been reported selling fakes.

    As for Saks, it's written on their website that they don't ship outside the US unfortunately.
  10. Styledrops does not sell fakes, AFAIK.

    Diabro - there's an isolated case at the moment that they don't seem to be dealing with very well. I don't believe they routinely sell fakes, I believe it's a genuine error.