Lets End The Year With A Fun Thread....

  1. OK...Post your funny pics,stories,etc here.......( I PROMISE to refrain from COLONICS pics..FOR NOW!!)Maybe after a drink or two..eh..hem....:graucho: :nuts:

    Selena....Feel free to post any and all sick perverted stories....ROFL...
  2. i've been waiting for an interesting thread for new year's...i'll pass around the vodka if this gets interesting.
  3. OK...Im going for the sick jokes.......HEE!HEE!

    Policeman pulls a blonde in a sports car over for speeding and is trying to explain to her what and where her driver's license might be. After she eventually gives him her driver's license, he asks for registration.
    Getting another blank blonde look from her, he explains, "It's that little piece of paper you get with your car and you keep it in the glove compartment."
    "Ah," she says as she bends over to get it. While she is looking through the glove compartment, the officer unzips his pants and pulls his **** out.
    Excited that she had found her registration, she turns around and looks up. A look of dismay crosses her face and she says, "Oh, no! Not another breathalizer test!"
  4. Pass the vodka woman..Im just gettin started..rofl...
  5. Lol..for now how about a cute little kitty :lol:
  6. Shoot I have nothing good to post. I trust Jill and SElena will post some nasty stuff for us all! Great way to start 2007! Love it!
  7. OMG haha LOL :greengrin: :greengrin:
  8. Sexy! :kiss:
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  13. These are hysterical!
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