Let me get this straight

  1. so coach will repair a bag? because my hamptons weekend scribble tote is getting frayed/sratched up on all four bottom corners, and i bought it online(coach.com0 so it's authentic and all, if i sent it to them, what do I need to do, how much does it cost, and do you think they could clean it too? just wondering because i don't want it to actually rip a hole in the corners and not be able to use it (and i've actually been very careful with her!)
  2. frayed on the nylon I don't think they'll fix, it falls under normal wear and tear. My best suggestion would be to take it to a boutique if you can and see what they say about it. Or if you can't get to a boutique call Coach and ask them first before sending it off. I have a bag where the signature material is coming a bit unwoven and was told that falls under normal wear and tear

    ETA: Coach doesn't clean bags at all, unfortunately, I wish they did too!
  3. Oh so this happens to Coach's also ! The main reason I was thinking about switching from Dooney to Coach was because I have a Sig.Dooney shoulder sac which has frayed corners and I paid $200 for that bag. Good grief why would I pay $200 MORE for a Coach and have the same problem ? ! That settles it, I'm not buying a Coach. I have had my eye on a cute denim tassel Dooney that's $165 and for the money I might as well just get that since I am so hot for denim bag this season. Why pay $400 for a Coach when thread wear on the corners is an issue there too...if I have another bag show thread wear at least I will only have paid $165 not $400 !
  4. The same thing happened to my same bag. :/ I'm so sad about it; but I don't think they will fix it. :crybaby:
  5. Unfortunately Coach will only repair what qualifies as manufacturers defects on the bag-- for example, stitching coming undone, or a broken turnlock or zipper. Fraying falls under extensive use and normal wear and tear, and is not elegible for repair from Coach; we just had a big meeting on this at my boutique last week. :sad: I'm sorry!
  6. too bad :cry: i'll just have to be extra carefull:smile: luckily it sn't that bad yet
  7. I think they had a bad batch of scribbles this year. I had the same problem with only having it 3 weeks. And I know some others on here did too. Take it o the boutique and let us all know the end result!