Less expensive version of these Zanottis?

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  1. Not sure about a less expensive version, but, considering that I think these are pretty timeless I would wait a few months for them to go on sale. Usually around June you can start finding these for 50% off...
  2. $930? Yowza!

    and $400 is a "cheaper" version? teehee..
  3. I know, they can get really pricey especially when there are jewels involved (GZ only uses swarovski crystals)...

    I *do* know that Aldo has been making tons of GZ look-alikes, so maybe you could try there if you need one quickly?

    I like to accumulate a lot of shoes when they're on sale, so I'm good at being patient because $9XX is a tad out of my price range, LOL.
  4. Yes, I think we can all agree that $930 is a tad excessive.

    I really, really like GZ, especially their plain(er) pumps. I wish they made more of them (the non-bling bling and fish scale variety).
  5. hehe, can't say I agree because I love the bling and the fish, BUT, with every collection GZ comes up with a decent amount of plainer pumps. The only thing is that you can find them in the stores - not so much at Neiman Marcus or Saks, etc. because they tend to order the more unique/expensive styles and not the classic pumps.

    But, rumor is that there will be an online store off of the GZ.com website in March, so that'll be a good resource to find different styles.

  6. also try yoox.com
    they often have a good GZ selection
  7. I really like these sandals too! I've been searching the web for a cheaper version also. No luck. I hope someone here can find something and report back!
  8. Rumor is that sales on new spring/summer shoes will start in June...it's a bit of a wait, but 50% off would be a good deal on this. I'll definitely keep looking...we might see sales earlier than that - but at around 30% off.
  9. For Zanottis, you can just wait until sale.
  10. I have also been hunting around for Zanotti copies, but no luck :tdown: I want the leopard print wedges...yum
  11. Aldo has been copying Zanotti a LOT lately.

    Personally, I support the artisans of GZ, and if it means buying one shoe per year instead of 6 cheaper versions, that's what I do. Plus, the authentic one will last longer - that's a guarantee.
  12. Hey, thanks for your responses.

    I wasn't interested in a knock-off, like Aldo, whose shoes I hate, just a less expensive shoe. I've noticed that, for example, Jimmy Choo and Louboutin all make some similar looking shoes, but at slightly different price points. I find Zanottis' leather shoes quite reasonable, price wise, but their jeweled shoes really outrageous. I just can't bring myself to pay that kind of money for paste.
  13. gotcha. Just wanted to bring the Aldo thing up because I was speaking to one of the boutique owners and they're all pretty annoyed (rightfully so) that Aldo has targeted GZ as the line they're pretty much copying universally.

    But yeah, with GZ because they use real stones in occasion, they usually keep the jeweled items high. But at the boutiques they *do* have slightly cheaper styles as well, some flats can get to around $400.

    Not sure if that helps...