LeSportsac Small Tribeca

  1. Hi--

    I have heard that LeSportsac will not longer be making the Small Tribeca Tote. This is my "signature" bag, and it distresses me greatly that they will no longer be making this particular bag. It's just so perfect for carrying around--I can't wear shoulder bags because of a past shoulder injury.

    Does anyone have any "insider" scoop regarding the Small Tribeca and whether they'll be re-introducing it? Also, can anyone recommend places to check out for retired prints?

    Thanks for any help!
  2. As for prints that are retired the only places that I know of are the outlets, eBay and I was just at macys and found they still had the pictopop print and another print that I had seen out in the summer.
  3. i have never seen lesportsac reintroduce a style or a print. i would say try eBay, marshalls and tjmax for discontinued styles or retired print. i found mine at marshalls for under 20. tribeca is a great bag. do you have a medium size? i want to get one but just never seen it in the store. do you know how much bigger it is compared to the small size? thanks.
  4. Is the small Tribeca the one that's something like 9 x 9? Perfect for carrying a lunch? ;) If that's about the right size, I saw a cute orange/pink flower print with black trim in the small Tribeca at the Hawaii outlet at Waikele a few weeks ago, but don't think I saw any other prints in that style.

    d1000 - On the current LeSportsac website, there's a description of the 7830 Medium Tribeca Tote as being 11 x 12 x 7 in.
  5. The Tribeca small is about 9" by 9". I find it's perfect to carry my (huge) wallet (holds two checkbooks and numerous cards), my cell phone, my Blackberry and a small makeup bag (the Tribeca small comes with a makeup bag). There is also a little zip pocket on the inside where I keep lip balm, and an outer zip pocket where I put things like my keys & parking stubs, etc.

    I guess I am just a simple girl, but I like the clean lines of the Tribeca. And the small is perfect to carry my everyday necessary objects. Its small size also means that I don't dump everything into it, which is nice, b/c it forces me to edit what I'm lugging around. The Tribeca medium is too big & allows me to pack it full of too much junk that I don't really need.

    I have about 15 different Tribeca small bags, so I basically rotate them out every week or so. But, I am always on the lookout for more patterns, more styles! I will try the outlet stores. Thanks!