LeSportSac GIOCO 9526

  1. hey guys and gals,

    i need some help. a good friend of mine is trying to locate the LESPORTSAC 9526 GIOCO bag in ROSA ($160) for his gf. apparently, she really likes this bag, and she has expressed this to him, many times, in many ways...hehe...:smile:

    i never bought lesportsac before, so im REALLY CLUELESS about how to get it, and where, etc..

    if anyone can help and let me know where my friend can buy this, it would be SOOO APPRECIATED!

    i attached a pic of the bag below..and i got this image from "http://www.lesportsac.com/store/tokidoki/fw/9526_3685.html"

    thanks in advance! :idea::idea:
  2. I was in Macy's in Herald Square (34th Street & 7th Avenue) and I think that they still had this bag. The SA's in the bag department are very helpful, if your friend lives in the city he may want to either call or take a trip down there.
  3. ^^ ooo...ok, im going to call MACYS and ask them. thanks so much!
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