LePliage Colors?

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  1. I am looking for a neutral tote that i can wear now, but also use to shlep things in the summer. I looked at Bagshop, and I normally like both taupe and camel, but on their site, the taupe looks brownish, and camel has alot of orange in it. I am really looking for beige, more or less. Has anyone seen these in real life? I'm open to suggestions. Thanks. Suzi
  2. I am not sure if you know that Longchamp changes colors every season (2 times a year). So this fall/winter there is no beige, but it might come back in spring. If you cant wait for spring you can only try to find an old season bag. I know for sure that they do beige totes e.g. this past summer season. So you might even be lucky to find one on sale. HTH.
  3. Do you happen to know when they release the spring colors? Or should I say reveal them? Thanks.
  4. The new colors come out each February S/S and July F/W