Leo Flap Too Trendy???

  1. I'm looking to buy a black caviar flap with silver hardware before the price increase and hopefully during Sak's EGC. So I went to Chanel today to check out the sizes and I fell in love with the Leo flap! I really only want to invest my money on a "classic" piece that will be stylish forever, and I'm not sure if this one qualifies. I think the lion head is classic, but the thin chain that goes around the trim I'm not so sure about.:confused1:

    Please help me decide between a classic caviar flap (CC clasp not reissue) with the new chain or the Leo flap. All opinions would be helpful. TIA!
  2. I saw the Leo flap several months ago, and thought it was gorgeous. I was almost going to buy it, but I found the CC on the lions head stuck out just a little bit, and I know I would snag it on stuff. Other than that, I thought it was a really cool looking bag. It's a classic with a twist.

    The plain flap bags will always be around, but the Leo won't. If you can carry the Leo comfortably, I'd say get that. I know at least one PF'er has the Leo flap, and it's gorgeous.
  3. The leo flap to me looks more like an evening bag, as for the classic you can always wear it day or night, Larkie owns the leo bag. They are both gorgeous!
  4. Now I'm curious...anyone got pictures? I haven't seen it yet. TIA!
  5. Leo Flap is really cute. I like the clasp. It's very edgy. But it's kinda small. It's more like an evening bag. I know Larkie has one:smile:
  6. That bag is one hell of a COOL bag!! get it!
  7. Ooooh I like it, and I'm a Leo! Don't tempt me!
  8. Leo looks better but since i have yet to see it irl, i'm not sure how big or small it is :smile:
  9. It is too edgy for me, but I am a boring old classics only kind of girl deep down, so I would take my reservations as a good sign that this is a contemporary, of the moment bag!
  10. oh... it's really bold. imho, i don't like it! sorry! not my kinda style. xo
  11. I like it a lot, I don't consider it trendy at all.
  12. i can't say enough about my beloved Leo; he's one of my favs! i don't know if it's trendy to some people but it's very special to me with the chainwork around the edges of the bag...rock-n-roll and gothic and luxe all blended into one lil bag! it's quite small even if it doesn't look too tiny on me:

  13. ^^ Ohhh, it looks so great on you! I'm not really worried about the size, since I usually carry small bags anyway. I think it is the same size as the large (maybe medium) classic flap, and the leather is TDF!!!Congrats on your gorgeous bag. Now, if only I could decide which one to get...
  14. i'm sorry if the pictures are deceiving, but it is totally NOT the same size as the large classic flap. it may hold about as much (or a lil less) than the medium classic flap (due to the flap's second flap).