Length of shoulder bag straps


Aug 20, 2006
It seems to me that shoulder bag straps have gotten shorter and shorter in the past few years, making it more difficult to find shoulder bags that don't end up tucked in the armpit area. I'm starting to find it annoying as I see so many shoulder bags that I love, but the straps are so short.

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Does anyone else find the short straps annoying, or is it just me?

Also, has anyone seen/tried/owned the HH Gaza Luxe Satchel, and if so, what do you think of it.

Depends on the style of the bag. If it is a messenger type or a duffle type i would want a longer strap.

Travelling around in crowded buses on the Asian subcontinent makes me want to use bags that can be tucked VERY tightly under my armpit!
I find the shorter straps VERY annoying. I don't want a bag in my armpit. And with the cold weather here, a bag that fit with a lighter jacket often doesn't fit with a heavier coat. I've avoided many bags because of a too-short strap.
You're not alone! Armpit bags annoy me too. The other problem is that shorter straps tend to slip off my shoulder very easily. If the bag hangs a little lower, the strap stays on much better.
I like bags that have adjustable straps. Sometimes I find the straps of bags too long, especially if they're open-top (like Medhavini, I'm paranoid about pick-pocketers). At the same time, I don't like straps that are too short! It makes me have to use them as handheld bags...I'm a shoulderbag girl.
9 inches actually isn't so bad... it's when it starts getting down to 7" that youll run into the armpit problems... but with slouchy bags there will always be more of a drop
I'm not a fan of armpit bags, either and constantly reject bags on that basis. :yes:

I've bought them in the past, but they look kind of uptight and very mid-to-late '90s, to me.

I like really long straps - I think they look more stylish and suit my body type. :biggrin: