legitimate work at home programs?

  1. hi ladies! have any of you heard of or tried any such programs? are any of them really legitimate?
  2. I would be wary of the "programs." You can develop your own program.
    Think in terms of things that you could do at home to make money, either your own business or telecommuting for someone else's business - technical stuff like software programs, web pages etc, it's hard work, and not completely "at home," but there are people who spend a lot of time at yard and estate sales buying stuff for resale on eBay. If you sew, or have other "making things" skills, especially during the holiday season there are whole other areas of eBay-related things. If you are more organization-oriented, you might look into becoming a Virtual Personal Assistant. Then there are things like editing, proofreading, translations - just as with any job search, the first step is to analyze your skills and abilities, then look for people who need those skills and abilities!
  3. probably not
  4. perhaps for reqally mundane things like contructing models or stuffing envelopes or even call centre or telesales work. I doubt there's muchmoney to be made though.

    If you do come across at a scheme that sounds very promising but with little information, it's probably a scam