Legitimate website?

  1. Ok, this is my third post in here so I hope Im putting this in the correct sub-forum.

    What do you guys know off:

    Are they selling authentic stuff? I dont trust anyone anymore.... :shrugs:
  2. They are inspired. I would only trust websites advertised on this forum.
  3. I did a search for their URL here on PF but I ended up with hundreds of threads that really didnt seem to have anything with this website to do with. They are only "inspired" bags? At that price? :wtf:
  4. Would you really want to buy a handbag from a place that sells adult toys and novelties? :p
  5. Yikes! I looked right at that and didn't see that one!!!
  6. Ha ha ha! Yes, possibly two bargains at once! Not to mention their awesome hats! :roflmfao:
  7. not real. sorry. stick to lettrade and 2nd hand handbags.