legit sunglass site?

  1. Just bought a pair of Tom Ford Whitney's in Black...haven't received them yet...from www.FashionForYourEyes.com - Fashion Designer Eyewear! Sunglasses Plus Prescription Eyeglass Frames. they are based in oregon and when I called they were very helpful and told me they were a retail store, as well as online. Anyone order from them before? They have great prices, so I thought I give it a try. They guarantee authenticity, and have a 7 day money back guarantee.
  2. I was getting ready to order the exact same pair from this site, but I decided to google it before I placed my order. Google led me to your post. Did you ever receive your Tom Ford "Whitney" sunglasses?
  3. Lynnie, did you ever get your sunglasses from this place?
  4. sorry for major delay! Received my glasses! fabulous site, authentic, quick, and very helpful.
  5. based on your recommendation i just ordered a pair of dolce and gabbanas!! im so excited, cant wait til they come!! i paid 165 and i saw them over the weekend at the mall for $250 plus tax..so i def saved some money :tup:
  6. You know what? Their MSRP prices are high. I don't know if that is to make you think you are getting a better deal or not. But they are still cheaper than retail.
  7. Yeah a lot of sites tend to over-inflate their retail prices to make people think they're saving a whole bunch. I say check with your local stores to find out :smile:
  8. yeah i did just that..i went to 4 different sunglass stores in 2 malls and they were all selling the same pair for $250 and up..plus tax..so im glad i saved some money, even if it was only 100 bucks or so
  9. Hmmm.. I may finally get my Chanel eyeglasses from here if they're a good deal. Thanks for sharing!

    UPDATE: *sigh* I'm gonna have to keep wearing my old Diesels. They don't carry Chanel.
  10. I have the Tom Ford Whitney's.......great sunglasses!
  11. My GF wanted a pair of Prada's not on their site and they got her a pair. Doesn't hurt to call and ask.
  12. I shop at eyesave.com and have been very pleased.
  13. my sunglasses came on friday and i love them!! they are exactly like the ones i saw in the store and the case is really cute!! This site is excellent!! :tup:
  14. Hi,
    I just wondering if you ever go to this site again.
    I tried the link but nothing comes out.
    Thank you.