Leggings with flats

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  1. I'm thinking about getting some leggings that I can wear with a tunic or mini-dress and to be paired with flats. My question is: should I just get regular leggings that hit right at the ankle (around the ankle bone) or leggings that are a bit longer and kinda gathered/brunched up around the ankle? Would the latter choice be more fashionable? or not? Although this style has been around for awhile, it is still pretty new to me. Thanks!
  2. I think the shorter of the 2 or just a regular legging- like an opaque panty hose....But I strongly suggest that you try on the styles before hand because....
    That style doesnt always fit everyone. And where the leggings should land on a persons leg- Depends on the individuals calves, and how the leggings would look with the flats (length of dress/height of person). Some people in order to pull off the look would need heels (IMO). People with bigger calves look stumpy when they wear tights with flats...It then looks better with heels...Hope I didn't scare you off:hrmm:
  3. get the shorter one, looks better... I prefer the shorter-look
  4. Personally, my preference is neither. I prefer cropped leggings that hit the bottom of the calf. I think this look is more youthful than full length. And I'm not a big fan of the long style gathered at the ankle.
  5. for the summer I also lover shorter leggings! with shorter dresses this look is much fresher!
  6. i prefer longer ones as well, but like someone said. better try them on first and see what you like most!!
  7. personally, i always go with cropped (hits above ankle). full-length leggings with flats make me feel like my feet look huge, and i'm a size 6. :lol:
  8. I would say go for the shorter cropped style for the flats, it has a tendancy to flatter your legs. The longer styles look better with heels. Long leggings with flats kind of gives off an electic ballerina look. I am 5'4'' and have worn both styles each way. HTH:tup:
  9. i like longer ones. if theyre short, i feel it looks like theyre thin bike shorts.
  10. Mid calf should be fine. I wear this style a lot for spring and summer. But also make sure your top goes with the leggings. Buy both pairs if you can and try them out.
  11. I have both versions you mentioned and I think they go with different looks. For a tailored look, go for the above the ankle...for a more casual, rock-n-roll fell, the longer, bunched up leggings are fun.

    I'm not a big fan of the mid-calf because I think it makes my calf look chunky even though they're slender.
  12. I think bunched up leggings look better on a long leg, on a short leg it makes it look like they are just too big for you.

    I like the mid leg leggings best (mid calf), but like them to the ankle too. It really does depend on your leg length, and leg size.
  13. Thanks everyone for your replies!