Legacy Tote @ Outlet??

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  1. Does anyone know if the Legacy Tote 12705 in gray or parchment is at the outlet? If so how much are they? I am in dire need of one. Thank you!
  2. Those bags have come and gone from the outlets. I couldn't even get the one I wanted in gray on Black Friday- they were that popular!The good news is you can probably find them on ebay, but not at what the outlet price was.
  3. I haven't seen these for a few weeks now. I was in Leesburg, VA yesterday and they didn't have any Legacy bags remaining.

    Call your nearest Outlet location and ask them to do a nationwide search. Good Luck!
  4. Every now and then they reappear at the outlet, but not that style. I've seen the flaps and the grey patchwork reappear.
  5. Nope - pretty much all of the 08 Legacy bags have been gone from my outlet since late December.
  6. I have one and I believe a few other PF members do as well. They were around $170.00 with 50% off and then 10% additional. I have the matching gray wallet which was $75.00. It has pink lining and it really pretty. The tote is big for what I usually carry, but it was a present and it is really beautiful so hard to part with for me. I have the black flap and the brown as well which are more my size. Keep trying, and put yourself on the outlet list for the bag and they will call you when it comes in. They are much less at the outlet than Ebay is selling them for when I looked and people do return xmas gifts. Good luck!!!!;)
  7. Mine never gets the great bags. I usually have to pay a little more and shop ebay. The good part of ebay is that it's still a much better deal that full price.