Legacy Stripe Tote

  1. I just got both the Ladie Stripe flats and the new Legacy Stripe tote and am wanting to use them both :yahoo: and can't decide which I should wear first. I want to wear them both. Would you wear them together or is that too much 1950s-matching-your-purse-to-your-shoes?!

  2. For me personally, I wouldn't wear both together. Hard to choose which to wear first though! LOL! I supposed I'd wear the flats first just because for me, I'd want to get as much use out of them as I could before bad weather sets in. Congratulations! Oh, and post pics if you can!
  3. You could wear them together, but I would definitely wear a toned-down outfit otherwise in order to keep the shoes and bag the focus of all the attention. But I would probably wear them separately and I would probably start with the flats -- they are so cute!
  4. OOO pics please!!!
  5. normally I'd say you should match shoes with your purse, however, with the legacy pattern, i think it might be a bit too much.

    Both are cute though :smile:
  6. if you match your shoes to your purse the outfit would definately have to be either all black, or like dark jeans with a black/white shirt.

    very very simple and minimal if any accessories.

    but yes post pics!!