Legacy stripe ipod case

  1. Did coach make one? There's one on eBay but I don't remeber seeing one online. TIA.
  2. They sure did! I think it sold out rather quickly though, becuase it was taken off coach.com rather quickly.
  3. yeah. i was gonna buy it but decided not to waste $120 on a case that didn't have a screen protector.
  4. ^ LOL, that's why you accessorize! I have the video ipod case in black leather and then bought a black signature wristlet to put it in. That way, I get protection for the ipod screen, and I get to feed another Coach addiction at the same time. :yahoo: Yes, I'm nuts. :nuts:
  5. I bought it and love it. I get loads of compliments. Here is a picture of the contents of my purse, ipod and case included.

  6. im pretty sure i talked to you on here before, lol, but anyway, well ya.. i didnt even really want it. my mom told me she would rather buy me the coach one because i initially wanted to buy this ISkin Claro w/ 3 skins and it has a kickstand for $70 and she was like just get coach. but i decided myself on it and while this is my 2nd ipod video, it's 100x more amazing because of the kickstand.
  7. Keane - Yes, I remember you saying all this before, I was just telling everyone that I was able to buy a great Coach wristlet to match it. It rocks and totally feeds my addiction. LOL :yahoo: I'm a great enabler for myself. :p

    impasto - I love your legacy ipod case, it's so cute! I looked into getting that same one, but it was sold out when I asked.
  8. I have it too and get lots of compliments on it. My mom's jealous...she bought it for me for Christmas and now she's wishing she bought one for herself too!
  9. i bought it and returned it...my ipod kept falling out!!!
  10. It's at the Outlet here in Hawaii but the price was barely discounted so I put it back. Its pretty though!
  11. I have the same case and I love it! The coach is cute but not safe, considering I last year I had to get a new screen. I def. need the extra protection. What color skins do you have? I got pink, purple and red. My bro snatched teh purple.
  12. While we are on this subject, what other accessories came in the legacy stripe? Was there ever a mini skinny made?
  13. a signature one like the nylon one was made with the pocket. inside had the striped lining. krispin has one.
  14. pompilit- ur definitely addicted in that sense ! :yes: lol. i am just uber- protective and i seriously want to die at the sight of even the most subtle scratch.

    hey! i have the same skins. i love them. you had to get a new screen? lol. i am kinda glad that someone stole my other video ipod because i got to start fresh with a scratch-free ipod (yeah that's how crazy i am over scratches)