Legacy stripe coin purse Style #40239

  1. I got mine in February. I LOVE it!:yes:

    I would call the Coach 800# to see if there are anymore available.

    Good luck with your search!
  2. Thanks! I wasn't sure if this was too old to order directly from Coach. I will get on that right now ;)
  3. i backordered mine in march, they said it will be available in june. hope you can get one!
  4. What is the retail on this peice, BTW?
  5. $88
  6. Definitely call Coach before paying over retail on eBay!
  7. :sad: I called and it is completely out of stock

    and it was soooo cute too! lol
  8. I have one and I love it! Very, very cute!:tup: Good luck finding one...I know you'll enjoy it once you buy it!
  9. Lucky you, it's beautiful!
  10. Mine is also backordered from April so hoping it will arrive.