Legacy Slim Tote Question

  1. I returned my Gigi in clay yesterday...I loved the color but there was something about the shape of the bag that just wasn't doing it for me.
    I was on eBay last night and found a Legacy Slim tote in Natural leather with a BIN for $400. It was new with tags! I remember seeing this bag in the boutique this spring and thinking what a gorgeous bag it was, but at the time I was only into signature and had not yet become addicted to the leather bags! Anyway...I grabbed it! There were many bids on it, but the reserve price hadn't been met yet so the BIN was still available. (I always kind of feel a teeny bit bad about doing that..but oh well!) :upsidedown:

    Do you think this was a good deal for this bag? Does anyone remember the original retail price for it?
  2. It's funny that you returned your gigi and picked up the legacy slim tote because I did just the opposite! I really loved the legacy slim tote but it wasn't big enough for my laptop and files! The slim tote is a GORGEOUS bag, I had it in natural, and it is 10650 with an MSRP of $478.00. The natural sold out, and they still have a few in white that I've seen at the outlets.

    I hope you love it; it's a really gorgeous bag, and I hated to let it go but I couldn't justify having both! Congrats!
  3. That's very funny!! I was pretty sad to return the Gigi, but I couldn't justify keeping it because of the color. I'll find another bag I love in the clay I'm sure. I hope you love it!

    I can't wait to get the slim tote! I remember that I drooled all over it when I saw it at the boutique, but I just wasn't into the leather pieces at that time...

    Congrats on your new Gigi!!