Legacy signature khaki/ebony skinny mini...help me decide!!!

  1. Finally...I found a legacy signature khaki/ebony mini skinny on eBay after searching for what seems an eternity...but the BIN price is $98!!! Do I want to spend that much on a mini skinny ???? It's sooo pretty, but that is a lot of money for such a tiny little thing!!! What should I do???
  2. He he! I am watching that one!:graucho:

    I personally would not BIN for $98...it only retailed for $58.

    But, when it comes to a limited edition piece, price is no object to some!
  3. It's cute, but $98? Eh.....
  4. Depends on how much you want it! I think it's totally cute, does it go with other stuff you have? Do you need a mini skinny? Ha, ha, ha - like NEED is an issue on this forum!!! :roflmfao: Woooo! Way past my bedtime.....
  5. He, He, He!!!
    Okay, so we'll duke it out at the end!! Just Kidding…I'm pretty sure I won't even bid on it. I really need to be done for awhile! For the sake of my marriage!! :p
  6. ^^I'm still holding out for a deal, like always!^^:yes: