Legacy Shoulder vs Legacy Zip Top

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  1. I tried on the zip top and it felt perfect. But I LOVE the pond. The zip top does not come in Pond.

    What are your thoughts on these two bags? Which do you prefer and why?
  2. Well the shoulder bag appears to big a little bit longer according to the COACH website. It also has the added benefit of the two front pockets and the full length zip pocket on the back of the bag.

    You think it is good marketing by COACH to limit what legacy bags they come out with in Pond?? I guess it could go either way though, some might have bought a smaller one if it came in Pond while others would buy the more expensive ones because they are the only ones which do come in Pond.

    I guess it just depends on your size needs. Why buy a bag which is too large for the few things you carry if the bag will just sit in your closet half of the time.

    Me personally, I had to have the bag in Pond, so I went for the shoulder bag.
  3. Hi Heath,

    I do think it is good marketing for Coach to only sell the Pond in the larger bag. If it came in the zip top, I would get it. I guess I need to try on the shoulder bag. I think I could work with either size. I don't like extra small or extra large bags, but I like most everything in between! How do you like the bag? Do you use it a lot?
  4. I have the zip top, the shoulder is just a tad too heavy for me.