legacy shoulder bag

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  1. Of course! It's a lovely bag! There are TONS of posts about this bag so do a search and I'm sure you'll find everything you'd want to know about it! =)
  2. yes, I think well over half of us on here have a legacy shoulder bag. if you search legacy shoulder on the coach board you'll find tons and tons of pics! :yes:

    welcome to tpf
  3. And the other half have Carly's! :roflmfao:

    Welcome to tpf!
  4. a LOT of us have the shoulder bag, but i don't know if anyone has the gold.

    personally, i'm not a fan of the gold. but the khaki/ebony is gorgeous.
  5. The shoulder bag is nice. I found it heavier than most of the Coach bags that size. Might be because it has more hardware?
  6. That bag is sooo cute! I am pretty sure it will be my next purchase.
  7. yeah the ebony one is cute and lightweight compared to the leather one, but what about the gold one? i don't think i have seen it in person. anyone owns one? please i need pics.
  8. I don't remember anyone posting pictures of the khaki/gold shoulder bag but I know that someone here has the Mandy in khaki/gold and has posted pics. I'm blanking.....maybe HandbagLvr? Hmmm.....let me see if I can figure out who it was...

    Nope, maybe not HandbagLvr. But someone had it in their signature for quite a while....this is going to drive me crazy!

  9. And some have both!!:yes:
  10. Oh, and to answer the original question.....

    I don't have the khaki/gold one, but it is pretty IRL. The gold is a darker shade.....almost a "bronze-y" gold.....I'm a bigger fan of the khaki/ebony myself....
  11. I got the one in Khaki/Gold! It's a beautiful color and matches everything I own!