Legacy deletes not coming to my outlet!

  1. I was at the outlet today and spoke with the manager about any future deletes coming in. She said that the smaller outlets will NOT be receiving the Legacy deletes, only the larger outlets (for example, Wrentham).:sad: I am bummed!
  2. What about Tilton ? Do you live in ma ?
  3. I am in Maine and we have 2 outlets up here (Freeport and Kittery). All I know is what the manager told me.:shrugs: I would say the best bet is to call your local outlet.

  4. That stinks! :tdown:
  5. That is true!:tup: Good luck to everyone!:yes:

  6. Okay, I am a dork.. I do not go to the same outlets as you :p I had you confused with handbag*girl and thought you changed your avatar.. long day! :upsidedown:
  7. When are the boutique deletes coming to the outlets?
  8. I don't know exact dates, just in the near future and what employees have posted here on the forum.

  9. Well that is a HUGE bummer!!!
  10. I called the outlet in Wrentham to see if they knew when they are going to get any of the Legacy bags in. The SA said no, they get stuff in everybody but they don't know a head of time what it is. Now this is the confusing part to me. She said they had a few in now, a black signature satchel and a black signature flap bag. Now I don't remember the 2007 signature satchels coming in black signature, just the khaki and the chocolate. I asked her was she sure it was the 2007 and she said yes. I asked her if the front to pockets had the belt closer, like the 2006, or the turnlock and she said the turnlock. So does a black sig. satchel with turnlock pockets exist?
  11. Well thats a bummer! I'm sorry you outlet won't be getting any!
  12. I'll check with the Tilton store tomorrow on my lunch break and report back.