Ledbury Trouble!

  1. Well the gorgeous lavender Lebury that I won from eBay has arrived and it was much smaller than I was anticipating, but does fit all my stuff in and is much easier to carry that I first thought. Unfortunately a big electricity bill and an unbudgeted-for car repair (together with a big offer from another ebayer as soon as the auction had finished) means that I am going to have to let it go straight away :crybaby: As the colour was not as pink as I was hoping for I'm disappointed but not too upset, but I do now love Ledburys!

    Anyway...I would love to get another coloured one in the near future - ideally red (was there recent talk of a new spazzalato one at HoF??) or I would love the navy patent leopard print but think this might be a bit of a pipe dream. Do you think it will be worth phoning the outlets and asking if they have any coloured Ledburys in, or do they not come up very often?? Or is eBay my best option??
  2. The pillar box red ledbury is still in HOF.. also outlets may have the leapard.
  3. Oh wow - sorry that you have to let it go, especially as you have only just got it, but what a bit of luck that you had an offer straight away.
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    Ooooh do you think? I'll ring and find out! As the HoF one is new season I'll wait a while for that one. Thanks! :tup:

    ---> update, the leopard print patent has been 'quarantined' and won't be out again until august/september. Thanks for your help though!
  5. Oh sorry about that, it looks so lovely in the picture!
  6. Awww my boyfriend put my ledbury on the kitchen table with a ribbon tied round the handles and said I can have it for Valentines Day!!! So I get to keep it and still have money for real life troubles. Yay!!! :yahoo:
  7. How romantic - you are one lucky girl! Lovely little bag - absolutely gorgeous - Enjoy!
  8. That is so sweet! You are 1 lucky girl!
  9. That's so sweet of him! What a lovely boyfriend and a lovely new bag!
  10. Oh how lovely (mind you he saves him having to buy you anything else!!! its amazing how willing they can be to give in to Mulberry if it saves them having to think of something else to get you!!! - thank god for Mulberry is what I say!).

    Have a lovely day - and use Ledbury!

  11. :roflmfao: That is pretty much exactly what he said!! It's fine with me (did rather spoil the romance of the moment but hey-ho) and I think I might encourage this idea for all big occasions. It has been out into town already this morning and a lady at the checkout in M&S said how lovely it was. It's a really nice size for when you don't need to take too much. Now I want the navy leopard Ledbury....roll on September when they come out of quarantine! :tup:
  12. Yeah - get planning for that one now. Excellent, I'm glad you've used it already and love it.
  13. Hahaha fab!! What a great boyfriend you've got (and the bag isn't bad either!!:tup:)
  14. Lovely little bag and in a great colour! Wish my DH would give me Mulberry for Valentine's - heck, I wish he'd give me Mulberry anytime!
  15. Lol I think he thought it would kill two birds with one stone - 1) cheer me up and 2) would be Valentine's Day sorted!

    This thread should now be called Ledbury Love as I am falling for her - she just looks so sweet and pink (yet not too girly, certainly wouldn't call it a lavender colour either) and I want to go out just to show her off!! I took a few pics, now that I am keeping her. I'm amazed what you can fit in them and still have room to rumage! :yes: