leave neg. feedback?/how much time to do it?

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  1. hi all- paypal found in my favor for an item that i bought that was terribly misrepresented. (i had posted about it a while back.) the seller had threatened me, swore he would never refund my shipping, etc., but paypal made him. ANYWAY... now it's feedback time- he was a real jerk, poor communicator, and liar, and the only reason things worked out is b/c of ppal. leaving him neg. feedback will affect his score. i think if he responds, and negs me, it will leave less of an impact b/c i have more feedbacks. so- what do i do? it's getting close to 60 days- i feel like i read that that's the limit to leave feedback? thanks all!!!
  2. It rolls off the feedback forum pages after 90 days, however if you have the auction number you can leave it months and months later
  3. Leave a negative for sure, especially if its not going to affect your feedback score significantly.
  4. If you don't sell much, a neg won't hurt you at all. It will hurt him more.

    Be calm, factual, and if he negs you back in retaliation, use the follow-up option to note THAT in his feedback as well.
  5. Mooks is correct - it's 90 days before it is taken off the Feedback page but they can possibly do it after that. But I think most people don't know how to do it after 90 days so you have a better shot of them not retaliating.
  6. And by leaving truthful feedback, you'll be helping millions of potential buyers who could otherwise assume all was hunky dory with your transaction with this unpleasant character - got to be done!
  7. ^^^ yes, you are right. thank you all so much!!!
  8. Leave negative definately. Even if he responds to your negative, if you leave it first it will look like sour grapes on his side, also, even if it affects your feedback, if you only have 1 negative (and you left negative yourself) then that won't be bad.

    Don't be scared to leave negative if he deserves it.
  9. I once disputed a negative that seller left me in return to mine. I paid $20 to Ebay, they erased her negative and they refunded my $20 back because I was right.
    It was a long story though, I had to send the item I bought from this seller to mediator, so she can examine it and she(mediator) ruled in my favor.
    Leaving negative to dishonest people is always worthy thing to do. When I check someones feedback, I always look how many negs he/she got, from whom(byers or sellers), and why.