1. I have heard applegarde is really good for bags and i know that this website sells them.. The thing is, i am having trouble getting to the website!

    As soon as i type it in and press "go" it pops up a box saying i need to type in my log in name and password!

    I live in the Uk so does that affect it? i have seen people from australia bought products of this website so i dont know!

    I hope uz can help!

  2. It might be a glitch on the website. I have ordered from them before, and I have never seen that, until now when I just tried it. I say give it a few days and try again.
  3. Thanks! ill keep trying!! :smile:
  4. I tried going into the site and had a problem as well. When I did a google search, it brought this up: [SIZE=-1]"Call Toll-Free 1.877.527.2581" -- so maybe try calling them? You might be able to order by phone, and could let them know about the glitch.
  5. Thanks! I will call them when i get in from work, hopefully that number works ok with me..i live in the uk!

    I will let uz know if i get through to them