leather variations

  1. apparently im very behind when it comes to balenciaga leather. I know some seasons have better leather than others, and some are thicker or thinner, but what is up with some being veiny and some being without veins? everyone seems to covet the bags without the veins, but why? which makes some more coveted than others? I know a lot of it comes from your personal opinion, but why is everyone wanting one? is it because theyre hard to come by? do they hold up better? if someone could inform me on this I would greatly appreciate it! thanks ladies!
  2. no takers? cool. thanks guys.
  3. I don't think it is anything more than personal taste. I just prefer less distressed/ veiny leather.
  4. I got into bbags in 2005 (pre-veiny era of bbag leather) and looked into bbags from that year and prior. The non-veiny leather was something I was used to and really liked. I'd never seen leather exactly like that before. Then Spring 2006 bags were released and the texture was VERY different from bbags before it. I just wasn't used to that. So yes, it is a matter of taste regardless. tPFers who bought their first bags this year don't mind it all and love it for what it is and that is great but then they soon discover the older bags and are like "WOW" at the difference and love it too. :yes:
  5. I like almost all of them. The '04 and '05 bags have a sort of spongy feel to them which I guess is *smooshy*. However I love the new ones too. The '06 f/w and '07 s/s have wonderful leather that I really like. Not as thick and smooshy as some of the older ones, but still thick yet with a silkiness to them. The only ones that I really dislike are from s/s '06 and some aren't bad, some are. I don't like it when they are so thin and veiny that they almost look like a tiger or leopard print. Each bag varies so much with Balenciaga's. You could have 20 Inks in your hand and they would all look different. One might be drop dead gorgeous and others might not appeal to you at all. To me, that's part of the beauty of Balenciagas, each one has it's own personality.:love:
  6. ^^ personally, i love 'em all!!! :tender: