Leather treatment....

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  1. I have recently purchased an Oak Effie. I absolutely love her to bits! Although I feel the leather on her is a little bit dry/needs nourishing............

    What would you ladies recommend I do?? I have heard some people say if you use a nourishing cream it can make the leather go stiff.

    Looking forward to your advice.

  2. I have never noticed my bags stiffening up after using a creme. I have used Russell and Bromley 'The Finishing Touch' and Clarks 'Premium Leather Creme' successfully on Mulberry bags. The only 'problem' that I have ever noticed is a bit of white dustiness, particularly around seams, a few days later, particularly if I used a lot of the creme. I think this is excess polish migrating back up to the surface. I give my bags a good rub at this stage and it goes away.
  3. Why have we not seen this lovely new addition?! You are building up quite a family now loopy!
  4. Ditto to what Jenova said. I've posted in the Effie thread as well.

    Let's see some pics of your new addition!

  5. Lol, as everyone said, once you are a member on here it is the beginning of the end. I am waiting on a delivery of another beauty as well!! Should be here on Wednesday hopefully.

    I will try the Clarks cream as I think I have some of that lurking somewhere under the sink. Will let you all know how it goes, thanks got your advice.

  6. great thx for the advice!

    wondering what about the collonil spray? should it go after the cream treatment? as it's for water-stop only not for nourishing the leather... or i should just choose either of them?

    would appreciate any advice too :o))
  7. I tried the Clarks cream and it has worked a treat!! Effie looks fab! Will give it another coating in a couple of days. Thanks for all your help Ladies.