Leather Shoulder Tote??

  1. Hey girls
    I am just wondering if any of you own the leather shoulder tote, and/or what you think of it? Is it roomy enough, or too big? Is the leather really soft, is it a comfortable bag over the shoulder? It looks gorgeous but I have only seen it online.. thanks for any and all opinions!!:yes:
  2. I have one in camel and honestly, I think it's one of the best Coach purchases I've ever made. It's very soft and slouchy. Fits great on the shoulder. I was somewhat concerned about the open top, but the bag somewhat collapses on top, so that's not a problem. I tend to carry quite a bit, so for me it's definitely not too big. I love it so much, I'm thinking of getting one in mahogany for fall. I was at VonMaur tonight and they had a mahogany one. Beautiful!
  3. thanks for the input.. I think it looks beautiful and like great quality leather. I also like the signature one in this style, but the leather just seems so soft and great! Too many decisions lol
  4. It's a really nice bag, but the all leather versions feel too "old" whenever I try them on. The leather is thick and sumptuous, so nice. It comes in good standard colors, I swear I try the black one on every single time I go to the Coach store, but never buy it because it's just not me. That said, the signature version is much more "youthful," and has a similar weight and overall build quality.
    It's really roomy and really comfortable. I could see this being my everyday bag, if only I didn't feel like it wasn't "funky" enough for my tastes. If I liked the signature material better (I'm an all-leather kind of girl) I'd probably have bought it by now.
  5. I own this bag in white and black. I bought the black first loved it so much I bought the white. It is truly the best shoulder bag I own. I love it, it fits everything, it cleans up well...I can carry it in any weather and not worry. It fits great on your shoulder...I can not tell you enough great things about this purse. I'm so happy I bought it. I own tons of coach and other bags and this is one I keep going back too. It's a great everyday bag.
  6. omg you all are killing me..I love brown bags!!
  7. wow thanks for the thoughts, it's good to know it is so enjoyed.. I think I would love it, but not being around any coach store or distributor it is hard to just order it online without knowing anything!! I love brown bags as well.. and this one is just as beautiful in black and white.. too many choices!! I also like it in the signature, just wondered if it would not be as soft and would stain easier.
  8. I have this in yellow optic and LOVE it! It is a great size and easy to carry.
  9. I have 2 shoulder totes. One in the denim patchwork and one in the Khaki signature/vachetta. I kept the khaki/vachetta one in my closet for a month undecided if it would not hold up well (See Vachetta Leather thread). Well, the other day I broke down and cut the tag off. I've been using it all weekend and I love it! I have all the matching acccessories so the inside looks oh so organized. I love both of these bags and would even consider getting a dark brown one. It's the perfect size for all that I carry.
  10. Wow Thanks so much for the input, you guys have made me want it even more!!! I am drooling, but want to make sure THAT is the one, cause' I won't be able to spend that on another purse real soon. I really love that purse though!! Thanks again for the input.. sounds like the size is great!