Leather Experts. . .Please help identify

  1. My friend got this bag from her relative. I have already ask our H experts to authenticate it in the authenticate thread and it is the real deal. The next question is what leather is it :s. I don't have a lot of experience with H so it is quite difficult for me to know. . . I hope the leather experts can help.

    The bag is stamped A. Thanks so much!
  2. jen0575: Um, any pictures?
  3. here is a close up pic of the leather in direct sunlight. :tup:

  4. a bit more


  5. im looking at hermes groupies leather thread and i think it is EVERGRAIN?

    is that correct?
  6. jen0575: Oh, that's tricky. The texture looks almost similar to Taurillon Clemence, which was my initial guess. The leather grain on the straps however looks smoother so I don't think it's Clemence. Clemence has bigger and more prominent grain.

    I'm not an expert but it's definitely not Evergrain. My guess would be Vache Liegee. But let's wait for experts to chime in.
  7. thanks pursenality, hope some of the experts can help me ;)
  8. Can we see a pic of the whole bag? How does the leather feel?
    One of my guesses would be Vachettes Ardennes.
  9. I don't know what leather it is, noting that it has a A stamp. So most likely it's a discontinued leather. It's definitely not Vache Liegee nor Clemence.
  10. hold on i will take a pic of the whole bag hello
  11. here are pics of the bag
    DSC00271.JPG DSC00272.JPG DSC00273.JPG
  12. I agree with Hello; if it's stamped A, I'm pretty sure it's Vachette Ardennes (I had a brown Birkin in this leather stamped B), an absolutely gorgeous leather, can't think why they don't do it anymore!!!:crybaby:
  13. it is soft to the touch not stiff. the grains are small and they are almost uniform in size. the bag has a slight slouch to it as can be seen in the pictures.

    for a vintage bag i think it is in very good condition and it still looks very beautiful.

    i hope the leather experts can help me on this. as i am thinking of offering my friend to sell me this bag :rolleyes:
  14. I would buy it in a hot second! In fact, I'm always looking for Ardennes Birkins on eBay, I would really like to have one again (I sold mine 'cause it was a size 40, and too big for me)
  15. i hope the other experts can weigh it in before i pronounce the bag to be VGA!!!