Leather Duchessa - My first Gucci!!!

  1. I know this bag has been out for a few months now, but I am new to this website and would love to hear from anyone who also owns this bag...what do you love/not love so much about it?

    I bought mine in July in Rome on the Via Condotti. I had seen another purse in Florence that was similar to the Britt hobo, but didn't have the braiding on the side and had a thicker strap, and coudln't find it anywhere else. I should have bought it in Florence, but I was holding out for Rome thinking the best selection would be there and it was the end of my trip.

    Anyways, I ended up with the medium Duchessa in black leather. The price there was much better than in the states, so I am happy about that. I do regret not buying the matching pumps. Did anyone buy those?
  2. Congratulations, that bag is beautiful. did you get it in the black leather?
  3. I have the Duchessa and the matching flats and wedges. (not leather...its the brown coated fabric...) I ADORE my Duchessa...
  4. Yes, I got it in the black leather.
  5. They will be on sale ina few week pick em up then!