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  2. If I remember

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  1. I was told to moisturize my bag every month from the coach SA.
    Does everybody do this? Is it a must? I tend to get fabric bags, so can't say that I've had to deal with this before.
    If I don't, how bad is the consequence? :P
  2. I usually by signature bags, rarely leather so it doesn't really affect me.
  3. I usually clean & moisturize once or twice a year. I tend to buy all-leather bags and haven't had any problems. :smile:
  4. There really shouldn't be any need for this. It is always a good idea to spray a bag, even smooth leather ones, with protector. After that, using a cleaning and moisturizing lotion shouldn't be necessary more than once or twice a season unless you get something on the bag, in which case the sooner you clean it, the better (salt stains, for example).
  5. So. She just wanted me to buy bottles and bottles of mosturizer then?? hehe.
  6. Likely! Sometimes nasty leathers (some cheap leather jackets made out of split grain cowhide or dull pigskin) benefit from being moisturized regularly. It makes them appear softer and richer than they otherwise would. But for a qulaity handbag, it really isn't necessary. In fact, depending on the finish (usually not a problem with bags, but it can be with some analine finish jackets), sometimes the cleaning/moisturizing lotion will actually dull or fade the color.
  7. She wasn't just trying to sell it to you! Some bags really do need it more than others (ie. you can't use it on vintage leather like legacy or pebbled) and it really will benefit your leather since it does dry out and could even crack but generally it'll scratch easily.

    You should see some of the classic bags I see everyday where people don't even know what cleaner/moisturizer is and their face when I show them. The stuff truely is amazing and it's not a gimmick!
  8. Nope. I haven't done it. I will if I use it then am putting it away for storage.
  9. I do it when I think about it, usually when I have been switching bags around and suddenly have 6 or 7 out....lol...I will gather them up, clean, condition and stuff before I put them away.
  10. I prefer leather bags over canvas or other materials, because they tend to last longer and do not get dirty as easily. I keep very good care of bags such as avoiding getting them dirty and storing them in dust bags, etc.. However, over time, even the most durable leather bags look a little dirty and old.

    Last month, I went to a Coach store to get some cleaner/moisturizer and used them on all my Coach leather bags. This stuff really helped retore my bags to like-new condition. Therefore, I'll continue to use them on my Coach leather bags 2-3 times a year.

    The only thing is that I dare not use them for other brand bags such as Chloe goat leather bags, because I am not sure if the leather type is compatible.
    I read from this forum that appleguard is very good. I would like to try it somtime, but again, I do not know it it is good for all types of leather.
  11. It's not good for all types of leather but on the leather that needs it WOW it really makes a difference. Most of my bags are suede or pebbled so I don't use it on them but I have one leather shoulder bag that I moisturize once a month to keep it supple and it just makes it so pretty and glossy. :yes:
  12. I haven't yet...but I might pick some up and try it out. The only all-leather Coach bag I have is a black hobo that is still in great condition for being my go-to bag in nasty northeast rain and snow.
  13. How does one clean pebbled leather? I just recently bought a white pebbled leather hamptons bag and would like to know how to keep it clean and looking good. Any help would be much appreciated!
  15. I remember Lv telling me that the natural oils on our hands are a great moisturizer for leather bags. Whenever I'm out and I reapply my hand cream, I just massage it in my hands and then I lightly stroke the bag so the moisture gets transerred. Works every time! So far, nothing has happened :yahoo: