Learning to Walk Again !!!

  1. Here in NYC the weather is warming up fast, and after several months of wearing boots and Winter shoes its time to break out the mules, kitten heels and slides.

    It just feels so weird to be getting ready to run around now in sandals and heels.and making weekly appointments to get my pedicures.

    How about you ? Are Your feet going threw any transition periods ?
  2. lol - yeh it is strange, the winter boots are just soooo comfy, i haven't yet found a pair of summer shoes that fit the same bill.

    I've quite a few pairs of wedge heels that are great for summer, but none that i can walk further than a few miles in.

    I've also got a comfy pair of flats for driving but they only work with socks and trousers/jeans...ahh an excuse to buy more shoes....fab!:nuts:

    So......I think it's nigh time to break out the fake tan and foot moisturiser!:P
  3. I like wearing my boots in the winter but LOVE the summer season because to me, shoes are sooooo much cuter this time of year!

    I get pedis year round but now, I really get a chance to show it off! I'm funny, though. I NEVER wear stockings. Not even in the winter. Don't own a pair. I'll rock a pair of peep toe pumps with snow on the ground in a second. I love cute shoes and showing off my feet any season but especially this time of year! ;)
  4. i wore flats all winter (for the first time in my life...i'm a strictly heels kinda girl) and when i broke out my sandals a few weeks ago i discovered i'd forgotten how to walk in them....i was totally off balance for the first few minutes :biggrin:
  5. its been raining here for what seems like weeks, so i haven't been able to wear any of my cute new summer shoes :sad2:
  6. Nah, live in So Cal, wear sandals year round :biggrin:
  7. I just came back from a motorcycle ride. What a grrrrreat night to ride in NY! The problem I have in the summer months is switching back and forth from summer sandles and heels to motorcycle boots. The boots screw up my pedicures. I guess it's a small price to pay for all that fun.
  8. Somewhat. I'm more conscientious of needing a pedicure. But I prance around in open toed shoes -- even in New York winters. (Like the night before the big snowstorm.) :biggrin:
  9. Kat you rock!
  10. I'm having trouble giving up my uggs and embracing this whole frequent leg shaving thing
  11. while you PF members are getting those toes pretty for Summer - im hunting for winter boots.... the search so far is not going well!!!! i wish i could wear my jandals right now!
  12. I still wore boots last night, I am just cold all the time.
  13. Hehe I just got a pedicure on Friday. I can't wait to wear sandals :biggrin:
  14. I live in Phoenix, AZ...so sandals and other "summer" shoes are appropiate all year long. I do keep my toenails neatly trimmed and use a wonderful peppermint foot balm from Jafra to keep my feet moisturized and from cracking. It's a really rare event when we have to wear overshoes and boots (other than cowboy). And, even though I know it means a little more balm and work I am generally barefoot in the house.
  15. Sorry Ladies I Don't Have That Problem..sandals Year-round In Sunny Florida :smile: Pedi Every Two Weeks. French Mani On The Toes Of Course.