Learning French...

  1. I really want to learn French because I feel so stupid when I go to France and I cant say anything other than Bonjour and Merci, and a few basic sentences! Plus I really love the language and would love to be able to talk fluently in French! I did do it for a year at school but did not continue the next year as I was already doing another language. So I was wondering what would be the best way to learn - I have gone to the bbc.co.uk Learning French section and it is really good, but is there anywhere else? If you have learnt a language yourself, virtually from scratch, what have you found is the best way of learning it?
  2. Try Rosetta Stone!
  3. Reading and listening to french...and using the french-english dictionnary all the time.
    Try enrolling in some local community courses as well.

    The absolute best way to learn a new language is to immerse yourself in an environment where the only language you can communicate with is French. I have known people to move to a strictly francophone area and come back within 6-12mons totally fluent.
    Good luck! That is very ambitious of you!
  4. I agree with being around others who speak the language you want to learn. Also, maybe some books could help. Try watching some good french films and listening to french singers and follow along with the lyrics. I also agree to try somehow to take some classes. Bonne chance, it's a great language!!
  5. Good for you! I think learning a second language is one of the most rewarding things one can do. I have always felt that people who are bi-lingual are to be admired.

    I took French classes at a community college and through Adult Education classes too. Both were helpful and beneficial, but I had no one to converse with in an everyday conversation. Ultimately, I let my studies of the language slide. But to this day, I wish I had somebody to speak with.

    I do confess to eaves-dropping on conversations in French. I can usually get the gist of what they are saying.

    Good luck to you in your pursuit for knowledge. It's a beautiful language and you will benefit greatly from its study.
  6. I try to keep my French from getting dusty by listening to french tapes in the car, a bit boring, but it really helps.
  7. Hmmm... I wanna learn French too... I should try this! :smile:
  8. I've downloaded programs to my ipod and listen to them often. Also, I've learned a good bit from watching French films.
  9. In my opinion this was the best way to learn the language, if you are a beginner.

    There was a study done in an Asian country, I forget where; they tested the English learning curve for students who listened and followed the lyrics of American Pop were Vs. students who didn't and there was a significant difference..

    good luck!!!
  10. When I watch movies, I always see if they have French subtitles so I can follow along in French once in a while. I took 5 years of French and I don't want all that hard work to go down the drain. I also watch Clueless in French once in a while since I've seen the movie 2394583 times. I already know all the lines, why not listen to it in French? lol.
  11. If you have an ipod there are LOTS of podcast lessons for french. I am currently studying it in school, but like to listen these as well. All you have to do is type "french" in the search. oh and they are free!

    Oh yes and I listen to french music.
  12. When I was a teenager I learnt English at school of course but my weekly treat was to read UK mags such as "Just 17" or "Bliss" :blush: and that made me more comfortable with the language. It didn't seem like a school-thing when I was reading about Keanu Reeves (I'm old LOL)
    So my advice is read mags and books!

    I don't know if we could have like a French clubhouse where us Frogs could help out learners, but that could be cool too!
  13. Many people have had great experiences with Rosetta Stone!
  14. From my attempt at learning 3 extra languages (my mother tongue being french) I found that I needed :
    -The strong motivation
    -Go to a real class with real people (like evening classes for adults, sometimes you find these quite cheap with the Council, when it´s not for business purposes)
    -Then train on side by doing homework properly every sunday, reading books, listening CD,DVDs...
    -Then add some fun to this : read fashion magazines in French, watch french movies w. english subtitles or the opposite.
    -But you won´t manage any of the above if you don´t go to France regularly, like go on holidays there when you can (should be OK from UK).
    The trouble English speakers have with French is the pronounciation of "ain" like in "Pain au Chocolat "lol
    and the "R". But the most difficult about my language is the grammar and different verb tenses. And the masculine and feminine for things....we don´t have "it".
    But you can reach quickly a good level of French, still make these mistakes and be perfectly understable,
    good luck !!
  15. My daughter was trying to teach me the other day. She fluent in 3 diffrent languages! already and she's only 13. She's learning arabic as well. I hope you can find a program that will be easy! I love french! sooo beautiful!