Learned a litle something about the vespa...

  1. While traveling out of town and visiting Madison Ave. H, I learned something new about the vespa of which I was not aware. I have been casually looking for a vespa ( the smallest size), not an urgent need but if the right one came along in a fun color...
    This bag would work perfectly for me in the summer attending ball games, worn messenger style. I'm small and it would be for carrying only the essentials. I found three.. in yellow, bright red and blue jean. My favorite was the blue jean but for some reason it only came with a very short strap, as did the red. The yellow came with a long strap, appropriate for wearing messenger style. I never knew there were two strap lengths for vespas. Is this the case only for the smallest size or for all? Thanks in advance for any info!
  2. i hadn't heard that, but anything is possible! i've only looked at the larger vespa IRL, the smaller was just too small for all of the things i schlep around :smile:

    i do know it's relatively inexpensive to have the strap lengthened...i just had this done with my vespa.
  3. Lengthened?? Really? How do they do that? The strap that came with the red and blue jean didnt look like it had any extra length. Why oh why didnt my SA mention this option? I would have grabbed either one!
  4. ^ it has to be sent to a craftsman & they replace the whole strap. if they have the color of canvas strap material in stock, it's pretty quick; otherwise, it has to go to paris & takes quite a while, from what i understand.
  5. Very interesting! Thanks Shopping!