le pochette pricing..

  1. I'm looking at getting a pochette from the cherry blossom or cerises range. Does anyone know what a good price is for them? I'm looking at some on ebay, and wondering is us$195 a good price for a pink cherry blossom? us$300 a good price for a brown cherry blossom? And, us$380 a good price for cerises? Also, i'm 16 and i have a speedy 35 already, do you think one of these pochettes will be good for my age?
  2. they're fine for any age, imo.

    all those prices listed are fair to really good (195 for cb!) depending on the condition the bags are in.
  3. One word of advice, make sure that they are real..lately alot of people I know are getting conned on ebay...try let-trade.com