Le pliage with white lining, which colour?

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  1. I currently looking to buy a new le pliage nylon tote. I already have the small one with long handles in chocolate and I'm currently eyeing the bigger size. Most people suggest navy black or bilberry for colours but inside all those, the lining is black and the problem I have with my small tote is the black lining, I can't easily find my stuff since the bag is literally a black hole. Therefore I have decided to get a bag with white lining as I can only imagine the black hole effect would be an even bigger issue with a bigger bag. So what Le pliage colours do you suggest if you want a tote with white lining?
  2. Have you seen beige? It's a pretty neutral color if you want to go for neutral. If not I would suggest khaki or cyclamen because I have them and I just love the shades! Plus these colors won't show stains as much as the lighter color such as beige.
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  3. Don't the lighter colors have white lining and darker colors black lining?
  4. Or, you could get any color you like and just use a purse organizer :smile:
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