Le Pliage backpack!

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  1. I just bought mine from Nordstrom! Ideally it should come by Tuesday (as it states,) or Wednesday. I'm trying to find pictures of the backpack and how to accessorize it and what it holds, but nothing comes up. Can anyone show me their pictures through here please? Tia!
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  2. These are my backpacks and I use them as an everyday bag. They can truly hold a lot, especially if you arrange your items standing up like how I do. Hope this helps! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1467088695.421117.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1467088725.869764.jpg
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  3. Yes!it helps a lot! Ah its so cute too! I cant wait to get mine. When you bought this did you order this online or in store?
  4. I bought them in the store.
  5. What color did you get? post pictures when it arrives! :smile:
  6. I just got the black one for now. I was thinking terra but eh....lol

    Definitely will , it was supposed to be today but I guess it got lost in transit /: next day shipping replacement is sending tomorrow and should be here Thursday
  7. Black is a great color. I don't have a backpack, but I'm considering one. Probably black or gunmetal. I have an 1899 in black and I love it. I have more 1899 in various colors. It's an addiction!!!! LOL!!!
  8. LC is truly an addition...
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  9. You should! Im getting tired of my crossbody for the summer, I wanna be hands free and idk, I really dig the minimalistic style the LC has. Their backpack seems so much classier than the other backpacks I was considering. Im going to have to look up the 1899 bags, Im still pretty new to LC :smile:
  10. Im finally looking at this picture through my desktop and realize you have a notebook in there, I guess this backpack is bigger than I thought :smile: hoping to carry my kate spade agenda with me on errands. Do you find that the more stuffed the bag is, the more harder it is to open/close?
  11. 1467239882046.jpg 1467239894014.jpg

    It's here ♡
  12. I love your backpacks!

    I'm thinking of getting one, do you think a Canon DSLR camera would fit? Nordstroms website says the interior is 'small' capacity.
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    What I carry:


    How it fits:


    I'm not sure how big your camera is but there so much room and it's super lightweight even with my things packed inside. Also, I have a makeshift base shaper or whatever at the bottom so it somewhat maintain its shape and the bottom doesn't get all weird on me. Hope this helps.

  14. Thank you, that was very helpful!
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