Le Creuset..Anyone Addicted?

  1. I have just as much an addiction to Le Creuset as I do shoes and handbags.

    Right now I've managed to collect 11 pieces, mostly red.

    Anyone else love cooking with these dutch ovens as much as me?
  2. Me! I also collect the reds.

    Do you have the teapot?
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  3. I love them, but I only have one piece...in red also!
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  4. No, I don't have the teapot! My bf's mom had the teapot and it broke on her, so I decided to get the quick-boil kettle.

    My latest purchase was the huuuuuge one...my dog can fit in it!!
    Picture 2.jpg
  5. Lol my mom is..my dad always buys pieces for her for holidays. The kitchen is done in reds (i.e. red Kitchenaid mixer etc.) but she really likes the yellow pieces. I think you can get those only at Williams Sonoma or something.
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  6. I LOVE IT!
    I have about 8 pieces in White and the rack where they all stand proudly in the corner of the kitchen
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  7. Most of my cookware is all-clad. But I've been wanting to get a Le Creuset french oven in red.

    Does the teapot whistle? I've been looking for one that doesn't.
  8. I think Le Creuset carries several types of kettles, and I think one has a removable whistle stop thing.
  9. I think Le Creuset cookware is the best. I have two casseroles in brown, wedding presents so I couldn't pick the colour but they sure have given me good service. My frying pan is green Le Creuset but the handle has come loose so disappointed in that one.
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  10. Ha ha ha!!! You said "Dutch Oven" *giggle*

    I love Le Cruset, don't collect it and only have 2 Dutch Ovens (man, that cracks me up) and a frypan.
  11. Yeah sort of used to work for a company that sold em... ADDICTED!
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  12. Quick question... what makes them so good?
  13. I kinda like my plain old cast-iron cooking-ware :yes: It isn't colorful or anything, but it works best for me! Seasoned and passed down from my parents, but that's just me ^_^ But I'd like to hear why everyone thinks they are better than most cookware
  14. Me!!!
    I have the 4.5 quart soup pot in red and blue, various 2.5 quart pots in flame, white, and red, and am thinking of the 3.5 quart buffet casserole in red.
    Awesome pot with very little cleanup. You also know it'll last 100 years too--I'm definitely passing this on down the family line!
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  15. cool, thanks! I'll look into getting one.

    :roflmfao: I'm glad I'm not the only childish one. It cracks me up too. I trained myself to say french oven instead, so I don't giggle when I'm talking to people.