Le Compagnon or Le Compagnon Zip? How useful is the Le Mini Compagnon Pouch?

  1. Hi Ladies (and gents),

    I'm about to check out on Diabro.Net but I just had a change of mind regarding which wallet I want to get! :push:I also wanted to get the mini pouch but don't know how useful everyone who has it have found it?:confused1:

    Please share!:yes:
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  3. I just bought the Le Compagnon from Diabro a few weeks back in Violet and I love it! I don't like wallets that you end up having to fold wide open (I worry that things may fall out). I love how this one opens and it has tons of sleeves in it. The size is nice too ... not too big and not too small. It's just right!

    I was tempted by the Mini Pouch as well ... but more for holding miscellaneous items in my bag (like makeup and stuff). I haven't bought one yet though.
  4. Wow, a white wallet. You are so brave! =) I would have that thing destroyed in about five minutes. The mini pouch also called the coin purse is really useful. I have one and love it. Its great for your cell phone and credit cards if you are just going out to run an errand or its great for receipts, gum, anything really. I think they are adorrable, I'd love to collect multiples of them but they are pretty pricey! Goodluck!
  5. I just ordered the compagnon zip from Diabro..in red yay..(which red is it btw?? does anyone know)I like wallets that close completely more than the ones to fold...
    I aboslutely love coin purses..they hold so much stuff for their little size:heart:
  6. I have a Le Compagnon in blueberry and it's my everyday wallet. I don't like the zipper wallets so the first one has my vote!
  7. Thanks everyone for your input!

    Zip it is then:yes:

    Diabro had violet!?!!:wtf: Me want...!:heart:
  8. cool what colour are you going to order?! the le compagnon zip or the mini pouch?!
  9. I prefer as a wallet the Le Compagnon, and use my Le mini compagnon purse (i.e. coin purse) as somewhere to store inhaler, paracetamol, lip gloss etc.