Layering necklaces

  1. I am trying very unsuccessfully to layer necklaces that I already own. I do pretty well layering bracelets, but I can't seem to get my necklaces to look right. Can anybody find pics of celebs or of yourself to post here with some examples? It seems like this is going to be a trend for fall and winter, too. Or does anyone feel like it's already outdated? TIA!
  2. I layer all the time. A lot of times, I just layer a 16 inch necklace with an 18 inch necklace. It looks good!!
  3. Do you wear chains with pendants this way or just the chains by themselves?
  4. I layer occasionally too. Usually a 16" solitaire diamond with an 18" diamond pendant. The 18" is the one that I switch up various pendants, but nothing too large. I don't want to look like Mr. T. Think of the way Carrie layered on 'Sex and the City.' You can't go wrong. For the best effect, the chains have to be different lengths so that the pendants do not become entangled.
  5. Layering is really always in imo...and such a lovely way to dress an outfit up...

    What I usually layer is a 16-18inch with little pendants and a 23-25 inch lock pendant......

    But as a rule for keep it looking clean, I use the same kind of the dog tag chain with the little ball thingy...but much smaller and feminine.....I like to use this chain b/c others are too big or too delicate and doesnt seem to hold up well during activites....I also mix and match white and yellow gold to give it a pop....

    I cant seem to find a pic for you....usually I dont like how celebs do it...its over the top and not a good thing unless to a find much better examples with some of the ladies I meet in the mall....
  6. I layer. I have a short Elsa Peretti gold cross on a thin chain. On a longer chain, I have four charms from my Mother, so it looks like a bunch of charms hanging, like keys on a chain. It is the bunchy look. But delicate and elegant. I might add a third chain. I can't post pix, don't know how. But I have seen celebs with several chains -- must be delicate and tasteful -- and it looks great. I think the chains need to be the same type: either delicate, or all chunky.
  7. I always layer... but the chains do tend to get tangled with each other.
  8. I don't know if celebrity pics are going to help you that much. I'm not sure what it is you are not liking about the necklaces you are layering, but I am going to guess that you may be searching for the most becoming length combinations for YOU, and sadly, the only way to find that magic place is to walk the long road.

    So just keep mixing and matching. Try some that you think will be just awful. Sometimes those are the ones that end up looking best.

    Don't be afraid to take one pendant off and replace it with something else. And be sure you are taking advantage of all your pendant possibilities. Raid your (or someone else's) charm bracelet. If you have any of those old school clip on earrings, try clipping one onto a chain.

    I do mix up chain types, to get different textures and dimensions, someone else says they don't mix them. Try both mixing and non-mixing. You will get there. At some point, combination number 8,671 will just pop out at you and you will know you have achieved your goal! :smile:

    I have a magnetic clasp thing that I can hook the ones I'm going to layer into, and that helps keep them from tangling, and it is also useful if I happen to really like a combination, I don't have to assemble it all over again, since everything is already hooked into that one clasp.