Laurens bag vs. Heidi's bag

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  1. If you watch the Hills, then you've probably seen Lauren's Chanel bag that she got for Christmas. Now, this season, Heidi has one also. Who's Chanel bag do you prefer?:confused1:
  2. LC's medallion tote
  3. LC, but I'm biased b/c Heidi gets on my nerves.
  4. i like heidi's gst better, it goes with every outfit she has.
  5. Heidi's purse. I love the GST. I like LC more but in terms of purses, its the GST! :smile:
  6. I didn't know which one to get, but i think im going to go with LC's medallion tote. Any objections?
  7. lauren's fo' sho'.
  8. I like Heidi's bag better, but this season I don't really like how Heidi is acting.....I like Heidi's bag better than Lauren's, but I like Lauren's attitude better than Heidi's lately.
  9. I definitely like the GST's more me.
  10. definitely heidi's GST... i like the medallion, but i dont like straps that are rounded like that.
  11. i like the GST but lol...i like Lauren more..but still. bag wise, GST!!
  12. I love Lauren but my fave is the GST.
  13. I like the GST more (Heidi's)
  14. i like lauren's bag better =)
    though part of the reason is that i like lauren much better than heidi.
  15. LOL..i love this thread! I like Lauren better but love BOTH of their bags =)