Lauren Conrad style

  1. I love Lauren's style, its totally cute! But im having problems trying to recreate it:crybaby:what shops does she buy at and what brands? Could you give me a list of the staple items she has? I loved her style best in the hills season 1 and the laguna beach series? Basically help!!!:s
  2. Please don't take offense to this, but are you seriously having problems trying to recreate her very basic style? I don't know where you're located, but I went to school for a few years in SoCal and it's like you can't even walk into a store that doesn't REEK of Lauren Conrad.

    She has that Chanel medallion tote she carries to death, plus very basic black leggings, long tanks and tees from C&C, a few Nanette Lapore dresses, Cynthia Steffe slip dresses...

    You can also buy her own line of clothing at
  3. not its fine, i actually live in the UK, i meant online shops lol as the shops were i live are boring and horrid ! So the socal looks is harder to create unless i buy online, i've found a few cute things on revolve clothing i was just wondering where else i could buy her type of clothing. anyway thanks!
  4. just go to any store in LA..they have all the basic boring stuff she wears..because a lot of girls dress like that in's nothing new. not that i'm saying LA girls aren't stylish because i'm from LA and there's way way more girls that can dress better than her
  5. Who is Lauren Conrad? Can someone post a pic?
  6. Lauren Conrad's style isn't hard to recreate at all. She basically just wears whatever is trendy at the moment. I notice she wears a lot of babydoll/short dresses. Her style is something you could easily create if you just go to young stores like Forever 21. Also, she looks like someone who wears Juicy Couture.
  7. I think the problem is it's obvious to those of us who live in the US but she's in the UK.

    I'm not sure which sites ship to the UK or what the hassle/costs associated are but if you look through the sites that are frequently mentioned here like Shopbop, revolveclothing, shoptoken, pinkmascara, etc. You'll probably find the type of style you are looking for. Some of the brands have been mentioned and in addition look at Rachel Pally, Ella Moss, Sweetees and Spendid (first that pop in my mind). I don't know that she wears those brands but it is the CA style you are looking for. Good luck!

    ETA- here is the link to her own clothing line-
  8. She's on The Hills. Here's a link to her site with lots of pictures.
  9. have you tried miss selfridge, topshop, asos, h&m, mango, zara, etc?
  10. I can see why she's struggling to recreate that kinda look as stores like Topshop and Zara are more fashionable than the classic west coast look she has.

    OP look for the brands nseastar mentioned on eBay
  11. thanks guys! yep over here its all topshop clones, like abercrombie clones we have topshop clones ( especially when your a teen like me lol)! i just dont like the UK fashion lol:smile:
  12. ^^^ Thought it was only me that didn't like shopping here! I really struggle to find clothes I like unless I buy high end designer stuff.

    Maybe you should try and get a trip to the US. I'm off again on the 28th :yahoo:
  13. lol i hate it! its so boring and blah and rubbish qualilty! i probaly wont have a trip to the US anytime soon as my dad hates flying lol and im only 14 so can't go by myself lol! i make up for it by buying from the US! i love Nordstrom and Neimans.
  14. Well I'm 20 years older than you and it doesn't get easier as you get older!!

    Oh that's a shame your dad hates flying. Maybe once you finish college you could take a trip with some pals
  15. i have been a couple of times, i def will in the nearish future! it may sound silly but when im older i really would like to live out there, in either florida or california.