Laura Bush Wearing Hermes Scarf

  1. I'm sorry but I just can't find the thread to place this picture in so here it is anyway.
    I just saw this picture of Laura Bush taken in Saudi Arabia October 2007.
    What's the name of this scarf? It looks familiar but I can't place the it 'Or' something?
  2. she is so beautiful. thanks for posting! I admire her
  3. I know guccigal I do too!
    I just looked up on Luxury Zurich's website and I believe this is the scarf.
    [​IMG]Cavalier d'Or by Vladimir Rybaltchenko
    designed 1975
    Size: 90cm (35.5")
    Condition: Used
    Material: Silk-twill

    It would be fun to find other politicians wearing Hermes!!
  4. it looks like it!
  5. Holy moly, will they be reissuing it? I like it very much.
  6. Yes I think so too guccigal. Hers looks to be navy/gold.
    Lyanna Stark...I don't think they are reissuing it any time soon, but I'm just guessing.
  7. that is it, exactly. Good work. :tup:

    I posted pics of Teresa Heinz Kerry in her Hermes shawls in the Ode to Cash GM thread
  8. it shows up a lot on eBay
  9. Yes I just checked and there are about two posted.
  10. i love her too.............such a lovely woman
  11. It's so beautiful worn like that! I like her too!!!
  12. look at those lips!
  13. Great photo of LB!
  14. I really admire her; she's everything a First Lady should be IMO. Pure class! :love: That scarf is stunning!
  15. Ditto that Sarah! Laura Bush is wonderful and looks great in that scarf. I had heard that President Bush also wear Hermes...ties, that is! :p