Launch Dates

  1. So there's something i'm kind of clueless about here but does anyone know why there are different launch dates for a bag at a boutique like 15 minutes away from eachother?

    Well the deal is I REALLY wanted to get my hands on the Amarante Sunset Blvd. and since people have already been getting theres I called the boutique I usually go to and asked if they had one in stock since I'm on the waitlist and didn't get a call. The person that answered the phone says it wont launch until July and I asked why this was when I've seen others that have gotten theres already and he said thats impossible yada yada. So I was like OK and hung up only to end up calling the Rodeo Dr. location just in case (lol) and the lady there said it did launch today and she might have one in stock so she checked and they were sold out but she found one at a location nearby there and they had one in stock and said I can go pick it up anytime today.

    Anyways...I'm happy and all that I can go get mine today but why is is that the launch dates are different?

    THANKS for taking the time to read this!!!~
  2. Firstly congrats on the Sunset Blvd!:yahoo: I reckon they all have a set launch date but sometimes when the items arrived earlier than expected, the manager of the boutique gets to make the decision. That's what my SA told me when I receive some of my stuff earlier than expected.
  3. i wouldnt think there are different launch dates...57th st, bala cynwyd Saks, and scottsdale all released theirs today...i think the SA you spoke to was mistaken