Latest styles get replicated already! Unbelievable!

  1. It's horrible isn't it? :yucky: I saw something from Resort '06 on ioffer already too. UGH UGH UGH!!
  2. those are pretty bad... eesh. the simplest shapes always get knocked off first.
  3. :yucky: !!! That's terrible.
  4. Did anyone else check out the other items this CREEP has for sale? Sixty-Five bucks??? Gimme a break. :throwup:
  5. Talk about cheap quality! Yech!
  6. I saw another Kirsten with starting bid at $399, I didn't check too closely (leaving for work). With brand new styles, I don't recommend buying them from ebay. Is the saving worth the stress and risk of getting a replica? Not in my book.
  7. They are really quick at flooding the market with fakes. It is unbelievable.
  8. Oh my ... they look really bad ...
  9. that was fast.. and horrible horrible knock offs
  10. My knock-off days are loooooong gone. No matter how good they look or how close they look to the original, they're crap. Don't believe me, buy one and count the days within' a calendar month before your "designer bag" starts fallin' apart. Yes, I'm bitter, lol. I wasted some good money in the past on these BS bags. What's worst is when people don't know they're gettin' a fake. Like, these jerks sellin' on eBay claiming their bags are authentic & charging authentic bag prices. I've read a few stories here about people who paid thousands for a bag only to find out later that it's fake. Burns me up. I didn't take any chances with the last bag I got. Got it from the Miu Miu boutique so I know it's real... It better be real! I almost don't trust anyone these days.'s real.
  11. This is just so nauseating :yucky:
  12. Those are pathetic looking!! Somebody bid on the 1st one. Yuck!!
  13. ridiculous...can't believe people actually bought them...I feel bad for them bc they probably thought they were getting a really good deal...